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Ann O'Dell

Author, Spiritual Empath

 My books have been said to be poetic, but I write on everything from love, divorce,  animal hoarding, lost kids, serial killers, and angels.  My latest book goes back to my roots, and all the things that inspired many hippies in their artistic gardens.  I mention the ancient Witch and Druid gardens because these were Mankinds first Drs and Community leaders.


Gardens of the Sisterhood: Create a Mystical Healing Garden


A Hippie Manifesto on Spiritual Gardening.  Learn the importance of blending as an Alternative Healer. Create an intriguing garden entrance and introduce flower colors, herbs, and legalized Cannabis on the healing garden pathway. Join the Slow Movement to savor every moment. Discover the elements of a Witch and Druid Garden and how ancient theory still applies today. Send long-distance Angel healing to a sick friend, pet, and natural disasters. Are you a Sarah Moses leader? Can you lead in a Crisis? Compelling photos and earthy entries make this a fast read with a cup of brew.


Soloquy: Beyond Town Limits:  Imperfect Lives, empowered choices 


We coast the Midwest backroads through every mom's nightmare of a lost child, and the drama of "fifty shades of ordinary." A verbal nightcap awaits the reader at the end of the book with two lesbians and a cat, and a psychic in a red neck town. Short Stories by Ann O'Dell and Dene Hellman


About Ann O'Dell

Storyteller at Heart

As a professional Psychic Life Coach, I live on a tree-canopied lane of Goddess Sculptures, kinetic wind spinners, and channel two acres of spiritual gardens. I have lived in hippie communes, traveled in a V-W Bus, and been a single Mom working in a packing house to survive. Somehow I managed to perform on stage with bands as well as sing in clubs solo. This led to my childhood gift of Psychic Reading to retire on.

      So you see, I am an opportunist blessed with many opportunities.  As a songwriter, if I wasn't writing about love and life, I was reading on it for others. I have thirteen cats, two giant dogs, and a Republican husband. Life is good.



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